How to make hash with cold water extraction

Ok, now that you had a merry harvest, we will show you how to make hash using cold water extraction! For that purpose we used bags from       Instructions More »

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Canada and weed


Debates very often focuse on USA, because it is well advanced regarding the matter of legalizing. But what about Canada? What is the state of the opinion in the neighbor country? Is there any chance? It seems so….

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Health: Cannabis against leukemia

You can read plenty of reports about health and cannabis. This one says the incredible story of a young  14 years old girl,  given up for dead. She was diagnosted with leukemia, and conventional doctors were giving no hopes…

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Cannabis, butter…Bon appétit !


One easy and fun way to extract cannabis, even from the leaves, is to make butter…It allows you to make a highly concentrated product, with long lasting effects…And it’s fun!! :) Cook, bake, make sauces, sandwiches…and enjoy a great dinner with your friends!!

Be cautious with it though… Bon appétit!! :)

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We found this recipe very interesting, pleasant to cook, visually attractive, very good (we tested it :D ), and of course…fun!!!

Based on chicken and cannabutter, we highly recommend…

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Legalization is marching on…

alaska graphic 1

In the US, more and more states are legalizing or considering legalizing. Last State to legalize is Alaska, legalizing recreational marijuana.
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Cannabis against Ebola


Following the latest declarations of Dr Allen, cannabidoids may offer protection against viral infections, amongst which Ebola. Many viruses may be also concerned by this protection effect, amongst which hepatitis C and the HIV virus.

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Hemp, nature, health…OIL!!!


Mother nature offers us hemp, from which we can produce NATURALY hemp oil…Follow Diane Walsh explanations to understand better why hemp oil is good

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Hemp saved from flames….


Amazing story…14th of October, in the County of Humboldt (California)…Fire starts to spraid in a house, in a residential area. Did not take long before firefighters reach the area…And guess what they found in the house….

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How to make hash with cold water extraction


Ok, now that you had a merry harvest, we will show you how to make hash using cold water extraction!

For that purpose we used bags from




Instructions – how to extract:

Before you start, assemble the necessary equipment! You need your bags, a suitable sized bucket, mixing tools, dried plant material, and plenty of ice and water. And you’re ready to go with your bubble bags!

Everything required for making bubble hash!



bubble_hash_bag_step1_sml1. The first step is to place the Bubble Ice Bags inside the bucket, the first to go in is the 25 micron bag (colour purple). Make sure you line the inside of the bucket properly with the Bubble Ice Bag, and smooth out the mesh screen at the bottom of the bucket.



bubble_hash_3bagsKeep on with the rest of the Bubble Ice Bags in numerical order of their size. The next Bubble Ice bag to go in is the 75 micron (yellow) one, and then after that place the 110 micron (blue) Bubble Ice Bag in the bucket.



bubble_hash_4bagsPlace the 230 micron work bag (orange) in the bucket last of all, so that all the Bubble Ice Bags are now inside the bucket, nested inside each other…





bubble_bag_hash_step22. Now you need to pour cold water into the Bubble Ice Bags in the bucket, until it’s about half full. You don’t have to use a flower vase like in our picture, any way you get the water in the Bubble Ice Bags is fine!

You want the plant material to float above the screens of the Bubble Ice Bags, so ensure that the water is high enough to cover the screen on the bottom of the upper Bubble Ice Bag.


bubble_bag_dried_plant_material3. Take your plant material and pour it into the bucket containing the Bubble Ice Bags. Dried plant material will usually give you the best results. Regarding quantity, you can use up to 400g of dried plant material or leaves in our Bubble Ice Bags.




4. Now it’s time to put ice in the bucket, filling it almost all the way up. You should have enough pieces of ice in the water so that it never all melts, this way the ice keeps the temperature of the mixture lower, and is a very important part of the process.
ice_plant_material_in_bubble_bagbubble_bag_hash_mixer5. Use something to stir the mixture in the bucket, for at least 15 but up to 20-25 minutes. The way to tell when you have mixed everything up long enough is that a foamy or frothy head will form on the top of the mixture. You can use an implement on the end of an electric drill, or even an electric hand mixer from your kitchen! As mentioned above it’s vital to keep actual pieces of ice in the mixture at all times, because the ice ensures that the water stays cool enough to cause the resinous glands (trichomes) to separate from the plant material, and then collect on the Bubble Ice Bag screens.



bubble_bag_draining_220micron6. After you have mixed the ice and plant material enough to get a frothy head, then let the mixture settle for 20 minutes to half an hour. Once the mixture has had enough time to settle, take the bags out of the bucket one by one. This is done in reverse order to putting them in, so the first to be pulled is the 230 micron screen Bubble Ice Bag. When you pull out the Bubble Ice Bags, you let the water drain through the filtration screen at the bottom of the bag, back into the rest of the bags that are lining the bucket. The 230 micron Bubble Ice Bag contains the plant matter, you can run this through your Bubble Ice Bags a second time to make sure you collect all the resins.

The next Bubble Ice Bag to be pulled is the 120 micron bag, followed by the 75 micron screen bag. These bags will have resinous extracts, in different degrees of purity.

drain_25micron_bubble_bagThe last Bubble Ice Bag to remove is the 25 micron screen bag. As you get to the smaller screens, the water is harder to drain from the bags – to help this process, when you lift each bag out of the bucket twist the top shut, and at the same time pull down towards the bottom of the bag.






bubble_hash_bag7. Once you have drained each Bubble Ice Bag of water, then turn the bag inside out and place it over a bowl in order to collect the deposits from the mesh screen at the bottom of the bag. There are many tools you can use for this, it’s important that it should have a clean edge, such as a metal spoon or credit card, etc. There are 3 grades of extracts to collect. Of these the “purest” grades will come be in the 75 and 25 micron screen Bubble Ice Bags, but usually the resin extracted from the 120 micron bag can also be used!


bubble_bag_hash_marijuana8. After you have collected the herbal extract or resins from the screens in the Bubble Ice Bags, you have to remove any excess moisture from it. Take a tea towel and put some absorbent paper or a piece of blotter on it. Scoop the 3 extracts onto one half of the paper or blotter, and make sure to keep the three grades separate. Then fold the blotter in half, and fold the tea towel over the blotter, and press lightly down on the towel with a bottle or rolling pin. This will squeeze any remaining water out of your extracts, which will be absorbed by the towel. From this process you will get patties of herbal extract which can be used immediately if you want! If you decide you want to store your extracts for a long period of time, then cut or chop up each patty on a clean piece of cardboard, and put this in your freezer for half a day or a day. Any remaining moisture is drawn out by the cardboard, which takes away any danger of mold forming while you store your extracts.

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Hello there! Welcome to, weekly news about cannabis culture, harvesting, cold water extraction, and much more :)

The website is still under construction, it should be up within two weeks.

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