Eating Marijuana and Hashish.


How does someone prepare marijuana or hash to be eaten so the maximum amount of THC is absorbed by my gastrointestinal system?

For maximum absorption, fast (no food, water only) 12 hours prior to eating or drinking marijuana, hashish, or hash oil. Eating a small amount of food that contains sugar (1 or 2 cookies) when consuming cannabis will also help absorption, if sugar or alcohol are not used in the preparation of the food or drink you will be consuming.

The potency of the finished product will be determined by the quality of the cannabis you started with. Stuff that doesn't get you high when smoked will not produce potent marijuana foods unless you use large quantities and concentrate any active ingredients.

Most recipes call for the manufacture of a certain quantity of marijuana (bud) butter, which is then used as butter would normally be used in a cooking situation. THC is not a water soluble compound but butter and alcohol are good carrier substances for ingestion.

Making Bud Butter

Marijuana must be heated before being consumed; one can not simply eat raw marijuana. The traditional method of eating it is to cook it in a brownie, though it can be used in any number of recipes.

The recommended method of preparation is to reduce marijuana to a powder and mixed it with butter. The mixture is placed in a double boiler over low heat for 24 hours (making sure it doesn't dry out or burn). You can find a double boiler in the house wares section of most department stores.

The result is strained, to remove the remaining solids out, and the butter is used to cook with. One can use this marijuana butter to make brownies, cook vegetables, or by any method one might use butter to cook with.

Many people will mix the residual solids in with whatever they are cooking in hopes of making use of whatever cannabinoids might still be in them. But if done properly this in not generally needed because all the valuable compounds have been extracted, and the plant material tastes bad.

A typical ratio for making the marijuana butter is one pound of butter to one ounce of marijuana, heated for 24 hours. This works out to one stick of butter to one quarter of an ounce of marijuana. A stick of butter weighs 4 ounces (a quarter pound) or approximately 125 grams.

More butter can be added if the marijuana seems to dry out. It is best to use 1 ounce (or more) of marijuana at a time. Stir the mixture at least once every 30 to 60 minutes (if you can).

You can use waste weed like stems and leaves (no seeds) but good marijuana buds are much more potent. Dose size will vary depending on the potency of the original product and how well the active ingredients were extracted.

If you don't want any remaining leaves in the butter, you can strain it through some muslin. A problem concerning this is that you will lose some butter in the muslin.

A simpler and stronger version of cannabis butter (or ghee) is made by mixing melted butter with hashish or hashish oil instead of marijuana. It is not necessary to heat this as long as it is when using marijuana.

Just warm it up on low heat and mix it until the hashish (2-3 grams per person) or hashish oil (1/4-1/2 gram per person) is dissolved in the butter for 5 minutes or more. You can put as much hashish (or hashish oil) into it as you want.

A plus is that there are no remaining leaves mixed in with THC to worry about when using hashish or hash oil. No need to strain, just add directly to a recipe that requires butter.

Marijuana Extraction with Alcohol

One may extract the active ingredients from marijuana using alcohol and then use this tincture to make a potent drink. The highest proof alcohol available should be used, preferably 190 proof grain alcohol, since the water in the alcohol will dissolve other chemicals in the marijuana that one wishes to avoid.

Some suggest soaking the grass in warm water for a period to remove those chemicals but that presents a whole host of other problems, and is not recommended.

Simply grind marijuana to a powder and place it into an airtight container with some grain alcohol. You only have to use enough alcohol to keep the marijuana submerged but you can use larger amounts. A tall container works better than a wide one.

Put the cap on the container you are using and place in a dark area with a temperature of 60-80 degrees F. The cannabinoids leach out in about 2-4 weeks of time. The container must be airtight or the alcohol will evaporate.

Strain the liquid to remove any plant matter. Place the strained liquid in a clean container with an airtight top and store in a cool dark location until needed. A quarter ounce of good (or better) marijuana will produce enough liquid for 2-3 people to enjoy.

The resulting tincture (often called green dragon) is a light to emerald green liquid. It can be consumed straight, but this is not recommended. Try 3 parts lemon-lime soda, 1 part green dragon, and a drop of honey served over ice.

Hot Buttered Vodka

If you are in a hurry and don't want to wait 2-4 weeks, you can use this method to extract the active ingredients into vodka and consume right after preparation.

In a saucepan, melt half a cube (1/8 pound) of butter. Crumble 8-10 grams of good marijuana tops to a powder. Stir the grass into hot butter. Continue stirring over medium heat for one minute.

Remove from the stove while it is hot or sizzling and add 4-8 ounces (adjust amount to your taste) of vodka. Add the vodka in an area away from the burner or any other source of ignition. Be cautious that the hot butter does not make the mixture spatter. It is best to pour in the vodka swiftly, but cautiously. Place back on the stove, stir and bring to a gentle boil for 5 minutes or less.

After boiling, turn the heat down to sub-boiling (but hot) temperatures for 60 minutes or longer, stirring the liquid every 5 minutes or more often. When ready, strain the liquid from the solids. Press the mash in a strainer (or something similar) with the back of a spoon to remove all the juices.

Discard mash or boil it again in fresh vodka to salvage more materials. Sweeten to taste with honey if wanted. Pour the liquid into 4 ounce wine glasses. Two people will get wiped for an evening on this.

This recipe is not only an efficient method of extracting the active principles from marijuana, and an excellent medium for assimilation (alcohol, butter, and honey). It also has a delicious and satisfying flavor.

It is reminiscent of hot chocolate, but is much more pleasant to drink. It is one of the most swiftly absorbed cannabis concoctions. The effects of the marijuana may be felt in less than fifteen minutes.

Hash and alcohol can be combined by crumpling up some hash (2-3 grams per person) so that it is reduced to sand grain size pieces. Add some vodka (1-4 ounces) to a pan and heat it on low (100 degrees F) for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

After the vodka has heated for 5 minutes, add the crumpled hashish and mix together by stirring. When the ingredients have blended together, pour into a glass and either drink straight or mix with a soft drink that contains sugar. If you drink it straight, have 1 or 2 cookies that contain sugar.