Effects of Marijuana on human body


Cannabis or marijuana plant was used as a medicine for thousands of years. In the ancient times it was used extensively to relax and change mood.

The cannabis plant is composed of about 400 chemical substances out of which 60 substances are unique and are not found in any other plant. These substances are known as cannabinoids. The substance that is most responsible for the physical and psychic effects of cannabis is THC.

Cannabis products differ in the concentration of THC. While Hashish contains higher concentrations of THC, Marijuana (weed) contains the least concentration of THC.

Although Marijuana or Hashish or Cannabis is consumed in various forms by humans, the substance THC reaches the brain fastest when smoked.

The moderate use of marijuana is neither harmless nor devastating to the user.  Some claims about effects of marijuana are exaggerated while the truth remains known to few. Many consider marijuana as an extremely dangerous drug.

Many countries support prohibition of marijuana because of the belief that marijuana is so dangerous that no one can use it safely. Very few people know the true story about the effects of Marijuana on human body. Research on this topic concludes that marijuana has psychological and biological effects, some of which, at least under certain circumstances, are harmful to human health.

Using cannabis has all kinds of physical effects and mostly temporary which disappear after a couple of hours. Some of these effects are mentioned below:

  1. Increased heartbeat

  2. Change of blood pressure

  3. Sense of cold or hot hands and feet

  4. Discoloration of the eyes

  5. Relaxation of the muscles

  6. A dry mouth

  7. Change is one’s mood.

Prolonged use of Marijuana or Cannabis can lead to health risks. The health risks of this long-term use are:


  1. Feelings of anxiety and depression for a long time

  2. Negative influences on driving ability

  3. Smoking cannabis causes carcinogens to enter the human body

  4. Negative effects on the fetus if cannabis is taken during pregnancy

  5. Long-term use of cannabis may affect thinking, emotions and feelings

  6. Addiction to cannabis can turn fatal

  7. Provoke a psychosis in people who are sensitive to it

  8. Negative effects on the immune system

  9. Influences fertility.

Many researchers are of the notion that there is no exact proof that prolonged use of marijuana causes permanent changes in the nervous system or sustained impairment of brain function and behavior in human beings

However Cannabis and its derivatives have long been used for treatment of a variety of disorders. It has shown good results in the treatment of glaucoma, asthma and in the nausea and vomiting of cancer chemotherapy. Some suggest that cannabis might also be used in seizures, spasticity, and other nervous system disorders.