Is there A Real Medical Purpose For Cannabis


 Cannabis has been around far longer than all the controversy about it. Now, there is an argument questioning whether it has any medical use whatsoever. This argument can go right along with all the other hype that is out there to scare people into not even thinking about marijuana. It is amazing that such a simple plant could cause so much fuss over so many years. It has been said that it is addictive and that it leads to psychological damage, and that the only reason it is said to have any medical benefit is that the patients are stoned and don’t feel a thing while under its influence.

 But conclusive studies have now come out and finally proved that there are no psychological ill effects and that it is not addictive, or cancer causing, in fact, it has been proven that tobacco smoke is more cancer causing than marijuana smoke, because tobacco smoke causes dilation and obstruction of the airways to the lungs, but marijuana smoke doesn’t.

  There are claims from all over that pot has amazing properties from relieving pain to actually shrinking the blood vessels that feed cancer tumors, thus causing the tumor to shrink. It has long been recognized as an effective treatment of Glaucoma, and has even expanded into areas like Alzheimer’s and other diseases including Tourette’s. However, with all the controversy raging, there is one inescapable fact that is conveniently omitted, and that is – does it work?

 It seems that the real controversy over marijuana’s medical use is between the government and the Hippocratic Oath. To shed light on that subject, one only has to look at the number of people who have steered away from “modern medicine”, that seems to rely more heavily on toxic prescription medicine as time goes on. The trend toward natural medicine seems to scare the pharmaceutical mega giants and that opinion transfers into the medical profession because so many rely on prescribing those drugs.

 So which is more beneficial, a natural product that is now proving all the myths about it to be incorrect and false, or manufactured products that have to list the harmful side effects that seem to get more and more ludicrous? It seems obvious that there needs to be a consensus reached that makes some sense, rather than a lop-sided favoritism toward an increasingly profit only big business that cares more about the bottom line than the health of the patient.

            Usually, though out history, if a lie is a big one, people will swallow it if they are desperate enough, but they always seem to know deep inside just what the truth is even thought they cannot see it when they are in dire straits. Time usually will tell in the end just what the truth is, and with all the evidence now coming out in favor of hash as a medical treatment, the weed may win out after all.